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No matter what size your car dealership is, what kind of cars you sell - professional auto pictures will boost your sales and will help to manage your inventory! We offer vehicle inventory photography as well as other kinds of auto dealer photo services.

Auto Image Services offers you to use professional photos to sell your cars for many reasons:

  • Better marketing: unique branding for each car, paying attention to benefits.

  • Professional light, background and focus on details. Wrong photo correction can give wrong impression about car design and colors.

  • Saving time and money: professional photographers work faster and you spend only if you have new cars in inventory unlike having in-house photographer on payroll. 

  • Having pictures in your dealership environment builds trust among your website visitors, unlike using stock photos.

  • Easily updated inventory: don't miss uploading new cars to your inventory right away. Let our professionals do all the routine for you.   

How Does Vehicle Inventory Photographer Work?

Decides on where should vehicle photos for your dealership should be taken. Sets up an area designated for taking pictures. The background, light and surroundings are very important details to consider for professional car photos.

Knows how to take pictures of a car, what exterior and interior details and equipment to include. Considers lights and shadows. The color of each car matters for taking professional auto photos.

Knows which shots your customers most want to see. Makes your vehicles look real, shoots with appropriate light and under right angels, showing both car design details, real color, as well as your dealership environment. 

Uploads photos to your car dealerships website. 

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