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How to Make Your Car Dealership sell 24/7

What seemed a dream yesterday is already a reality today. Technologies do not stand still, but develop at the speed of a F1 car on a long straight line.

How to Make Your Car Dealership sell 24/7? The Answer is simple - get a modern, interactive user friendly website, be available to chat and keep your car inventory up to date.

Most of the car dealerships' websites were developed in the past decade and transit online visitors to the brands' websites or use their car images (not their own). As a result, your dealership loses the opportunity to give potential buyer a choice from your own inventory. By taking your online visitor to the brand's website or using their pictures - you start the competition between your dealership and other dealerships that are offering same brands.

Can your website sell cars?

Imagine you have 10,000 visitors per month on the website of your dealership (average number), - if 5% is converted into your sales department lead, you will get 500 potential customers. 500 incoming requests to your sales department, with an average strike rate of 15% - gives you 75 sold cars. Isn't your website is an ideal seller?

What kind of website you need for your car dealership?

Interactive website. Where your visitor can ask questions any time or send request at any step.

Informative website. Include maximum information about your dealership, your team, your inventory. Hire video production team for your dealership. The more information your visitor is getting, the more trust she or he develops towards your business.

Updated website. Keep your car inventory up to date. Use professional car photography services to have have proper amount of professional pictures for each vehicle.

Just imagine that your website is your very effective employee, who:

● Meets and greets the visitor

● Identifies their need, selects the appropriate vehicle and equipment. Tells about current promotions

● Calculates first installment and monthly payments

● Sells accessories, insurances, credit and extended warranty

● Closes a deal: receives contacts, takes a prepayment

● If the buyer is not ready to close the deal today, your website reminds about new deals and promotions via email campaign.

We at Auto Image Services can help keeping your online inventory up to date, provide you with professional vehicle photos and videos.

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